2022 Primis Society


See full description below for details!

Want a discount? Become a member!


Membership includes one years worth of priority access to all releases. One year begins Jan 1, 2022.

2 bottles of 4 member exclusive releases (8 bottles total) are included with the membership.

Also included:

Membership Swag (bag or something else)
Membership T-shirt
Membership glass
10% discount on all onsite consumption
Option to purchase a custom batch made in our 55 gal fermenter.
Membership party ticket

Bottles can be picked up either:

In Person
By Proxy
Shipped throughout VA directly
Shipped throughout states via Vinoshipper. Please verify your states rules Here. We are working to find a way to group orders so that you don’t have to pay for shipping on 1 bottle. This is not finalized, but believe we have something worked out. We would recommend using a proxy over vinoshipper, for now.