Brian began his mead making journey with craft beer. Over the years he has amassed a collection of over 400 different beers, stored in multiple wine fridges. As mead became more popular, he found himself infatuated with the possibilities that mead presented. After limited success making beer, he decided to try his hand at making mead. After his first batch, he new instantly he was hooked.

Like most people, Paul was first introduced to the idea of mead in his high school English classes. Listening to the stories of heroes and monsters enjoying and rejoicing in the drinking of mead all those years ago, he never thought that this sweet honey wine would ever be relevant in his adult life. That is ,until he happened upon a friend who posted to their social media page about the art of mead making. One click and down the rabbit hole he went. Paul’s interest in mead making went from curiosity to passion to obsession pretty quickly. Trying to soak up as much information as he could, he quickly went back to his source material, social media, where he found other mead makers as passionate as he was.

After joining a group located in their backyard of Northern Virginia, Paul and Brian quickly realized the potential that mead could have in the blossoming craft brewery culture in the area. They seized the opportunity to bring high quality craft mead to the growing scene of consumers interested in the best (local) ingredients made right here in NoVa.